Affluent Aquaculture Holding (S) Pte Ltd

Partnership Investment Objective

The Investment seeks to achieve short to medium term capital growth from the Breeding of Lobsters in Singapore. The farm is owned and managed by Gills n Claws Aquaculture Pte Ltd, a subsidiary under RBI Group. The investment is allotted to Investors in the form of SGD25,000 per cage.

The RBI Ubin Project Investment was launched in March 2017 with the objective to raise capital for expansion into the cage farming of Spiny Lobsters in Singapore.

Capitalizing on the rapid growth in the demand for Lobsters in Singapore, South-East Asia and mainly Europe. The RBI Ubin Project will see the introduction of the breeding of Lobsters that are farmed locally at Pulau Ubin, Singapore since 2015.

Backed by a strong team of Aquaculture Researchers and Specialists as well as equipped with the latest Technology in Aquaculture. We are proud to introduce the RBI Ubin Project as a Partnership Investment platform.

Project Overview

RBI Ubin Project was launched in March 2017 with the objective to raise capital for expansion and innovation in the Greater Aquaculture Sector.

This Project will see development of 40 Cages each Dimension at 5m x 5m x 8m is opened to investors.


Partnership Investment Summary

Partnership Period 2 Years
Partnership Amount S$ 25,000
Partner’s Profit 20% (p.a.)

Operation Summary

Cage Size                                                      5m x 5m x 8m

Baby Lobster                                                 1,200 / cage

Survival Rate 80% – 90%                            1,000 Lobsters

Average Marketable Weight                      800g

Average Price per Kg:                                 $60.00


Cost of Production


Less Staff Cost                                             S$   2,400

Less Feed Cost                                            S$   1,920

Less Maintenance Cost                              S$      500

Less Lobster Baby Cost                              S$   7,200

Total Expenses                                      S$ 12,020

Calculation of Gross Profit


Gross Profit = Survival Rate x Average Weight x Price per Kg

= 1,000 Lobster x 800g x $60.00

= $48,000

Profit Summary

Gross Profit                                                   S$ 48,000

Cost of Production                                       S$ 12,020

Net Profit                                                        S$ 35,980

Partner’s Profit                                       S$   5,000 (20%)



Launch Date                                          :               1st March 2017

Risk Classification                              :               Low Beta Correlation to Publicly Traded Stocks and Shares

Subscription                                          :               Cash Only

Minimum Investment                        :               SGD 25,000 per Cage

Partner’s Profit                                    :               20%

Investment Tenure                              :               2 years (Yearly Renewable)

Capital Returns                                      :               On Maturity or Early Exit

Early Exit Option                                   :               After 13th months

Financial Logic                                      :               Please refer to Project Overview table