Affluent Aquaculture Holding (S) Pte Ltd (Holding company of Gills n Claws Pte Ltd) is an innovative investment company with a fresh new approach to Traditional and Alternative Investments. Affluent Aquaculture is a global company which is being operated with the help of RBI Holding which was establised in 2004, head office in Singapore and has overseas offices in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India

Affluent Aquaculture Holding (S) Pte Ltd, a leader in the Aquaculture Industry has created a portfolio that represents the optimal balance between the current returns on investment and future growth. Affluent Aquaculture Holding’s three main sectors of focus within the Aquaculture Industry are “Aquafarms”, “Aquafeeds” and “Hatcheries”.

Led by a strong management and board-of-directors team, Affluent Aquaculture Holding (S) Pte Ltd is poised for rapid growth. The team’s unique experience and insight allows the company to discover new opportunities and reveal its true potential.

Committed to
our Visions & Values

To be the preferred investment partners in the region and beyond, dedicated to providing sound investment advice, recognised for our service with integrity and professionalism in the pursuit of our business. We guide our clients’ to make informed decisions, ensuring them that their decisions made are based on sturdy, dependable, and progressive market analysis.

Our values steer us to attain our vision. It is portrayed by the apt acronym returns:

  • Reliable & Trusted Partners
  • Ethical Investment Strategy
  • Tangible Asset Creation
  • Understand needs of Investors
  • Rapid Wealth Growth
  • New Investment Solutions
  • Service Rendered Second to None