At Affluent Aquaculture Holding (S) Pte Ltd, we not only believe that but we commit ourselves to adhere to excellent corporate governance for our long-term success and significantly, safeguard the interests of our valued clients.

Ethical Corporate Governance is fundamental for a company’s achievement and permanency. AT AFFLUENT Affluent Aquaculture Holding (S) Pte Ltd, we not only believe that but we commit ourselves to adhere to excellent corporate governance for our long-term success and significantly, safeguard the interests of our valued clients.Our practices and policies compliment AFFLUENT AQUACULTURE’s vision and values. It serves as an imperative eventually leading us to be the superior and preferred investment company worldwide.

Reliable & Trusted Partners

Our employees and consultants possess high levels of commitment, professionalism and skills to guarantee the clients, that we are the reliable, trusted and your preferred investment partner.


Ethical Investment Strategy

Investing ethically means that you know what your money is doing and what it is funding. Ethical investment is also known as sustainable investment and socially responsible investment (SRI). The term describes an investment process that incorporates environmental and social factors when selecting investments, in addition to the objective of achieving a competitive financial return.


Tangible Asset Creation

At Affluent Aquaculture Holding (S) Pte Ltd we believe investment in assets that have a physical form and our choice of tangible asset is real estate. Real estate is only the commodity in the world that cannot be produced and all we have is all we got.


Understand needs of Investors

Understanding the needs of the investors is of utmost importance to Affluent Aquaculture Holding (S) Pte Ltd. As each investor is unique, we take prodigious effort in understanding each investor and plan investment strategy in accords to their needs and financial capabilities.


Rapid Wealth Growth

Information and timing are the key components in creating rapid wealth growth. We ensure in the development of our agency’s procurement team to be equipped with superior knowledge and skills. They constantly analyse the market to ensure they are well-updated of any changes. This gives them the edge above the rest in procurement quality property.


New Investment Solutions

Affluent Aquaculture Holding (S) Pte Ltd fundamental strength is providing new investment solutions to people from all walks of life. Each investment plan is warily measured and carefully tailored to acquire good dividends for our investors.


Service Rendered Second to None

We take great pride in the service we provide to our investors. Our operation is reviewed by both internal and external resources to verify we are compliant with all regulations and that we provide high-level quality service.In addition to assisting investors with their investment queries, we also educate our investors on the importance of investments and proper financial planning because we want them to be successful with Affluent Aquaculture Holding (S) Pte Ltd.




The Board of Directors’ sovereignty in its investment plans is crucial to up keeping of the interest of our board members and clients. We govern prudently and ensure competence is maintained in all aspects.


The company has set productive strategies depicting the duties and expectations of the Board, Board Committee and Management personals. These guidelines maintain the criteria and restrictions when developing and executing plans and investment ideas that require the Board’s approval. The Board Committee is required to complete their tasks and carry them out with due care, persistence and honor.

    The Board is responsible to:

  • 1. Perform regular valuations on the productivity of the Board, its chairman and members as well as the company’s Directors;
  • 2. Manage the company’s corporate policies, practices and measures.
  • 3. Conduct a systematic review of the Managing Directors. They work with the Board and foresee the upcoming year’s visions and direction of the company which must be approved by the Board. Their performances are based on the directions and the company’s overall performance.
  • 4. Review job measures for Management staff.

Strategic Direction

The Board has the authority in revising company’s objectives and goals as well as ensuring they are executed proficiently. The Board also reviews and approves financial and accounting issues, strategic investment plans, opportunities and recognizes risks for the company. The Management will ensure that plans and objectives are accustomed to reflect current business affairs.


Risk Management

The Board shall consider all risks and measures to counter the risks. The Finance Director is responsible in the delivery of risk management strategies and core control systems are in place to lessen the possibilities. The Company’s risk policies, risk counter measures are updated regularly to match our risk profile and follow the supervisory necessities.



The company believes that its Directors are of the utmost quality and guides the company in the right direction for its investment possibilities and investors. The board is made up of proficient individuals with excellent analytical and business experience to ensure greater corporate governance.